StIbAlluo and Superfluid

This guide makes extensive reference to the Superfluid Protocol: It is highly recommended that you are familiar with the architecture and design of Superfluid contracts.

The StIbAlluo (Streaming Interest Bearing Alluo) is a wrapper contract for the IbAlluo to allow integration with Superfluid features such as Constant Flow Agreements and Instant Distribution Agreements.

The token fully implements all of Superfluid’s interfaces for Super tokens, Superfluid tokens and custom Superfluid tokens.

While it is fully possible to interact with the StIbAlluo contract and carry out all the logic of upgrading and downgrading tokens as well as any other superfluid implementation you would expect from a super token., it adds an extra layer of complexity.

Therefore, we have added custom functionality so that most developers will only need to interact with the main IbAlluo contracts. All the unwrapping is handled directly in the IbAlluo contract.

IbAlluo vs StIbAlluo? What should I use?



Main token contract

Wrapper contract






AlluoSuperfluidToken, IAlluoSuperToken

Most developers can interact directly with the IbAlluo contract but for finer control with Superfluid integration, you may find using the StIbAlluo directly to be easier.

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