Adding new pools into the strategy

How to add a new strategy to Strategy Handler?

To add a new pool to the strategy, we should call

            await handler.addLiquidityDirection(
  • _entryToken: the token with which we are entering a pool.

  • _assetId:

  • entryData, exitData, rewardsData: should be got from the strategy contract.

const _entryData = await strategy.encodeEntryParams(
                curvePool, _entryToken, poolSize, tokenIndexInCurve, fraxPool, duration);
const _rewardsData = await strategy.encodeRewardsParams(lpToken, fraxPool, assetId);
const _exitData = await strategy.encodeExitParams(curvePool, _entryToken, tokenIndexInCurve, fraxPool);

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