Alluo Explained

🙌 Other basics

🚜 Sending money in the app

You can also send money to other users of the app anywhere in the world instantly.
The app connects to your device’s contacts and shows you those that are already Alluo users, as you can see in the example below with Colleen. To send funds, simply select the contact, type in the amount and select confirm.
When choosing to send to a contact that isn’t an Alluo user, or to a completely new number. The app will send them a link to download the app for their device.
More advanced users can also transfer to and from web3 wallets. When selecting the “Use wallet address” option customers can input the web3 0x address (or scan the QR code) to send to an external wallet. They can also see and share the QR code to receive funds to their Alluo wallet on Polygon.

🏦 Withdrawing funds

To withdraw, simply go to the withdraw section, select an amount and click the "Withdraw" button.
In the US/EU/UK, you can withdraw your deposit at any time and get the money sent directly to your bank account.

📊 How to read the dashboard

Once you've deposited funds and you have returned to the app, you can see the deposit reflected in your balance. You can also see the APY you’re earning and the projected weekly earnings. You will see your balance gradually increase as you earn yield.
Note that Alluo’s yield is auto-compounding, there is nothing for you to do other than watch your funds grow in real-time 🚀.