IbAlluo on different chains

IbAlluo is currently deployed on Ethereum and Polygon. Here are the differences

IbAlluo tokens were initially launched on polygon, so most liquidity is there. Alluo have started expanding this to other chains so users can now enter yield positions on Ethereum mainnet as well.

Different chains, same farms

Having the IbAlluo ecosystem of contracts deployed on different chains means that we have a separate liquidity handler, separate list of contracts. However, whether a user enters a position on Polygon or Ethereum makes no difference to the yield they earn. Deposited funds on Polygon and Ethereum are treated equally when deployed into the same yield farming positions by the DAO. Read more about how the Liquidity Handler works for more information and how this liquidity distribution process occurs below:

pageLiquidity Handler and adapters

Then what is functionally different?

The user experience when interacting with our contracts will be identical. However, the user will find that two main things will be different:

  1. IbAlluo on mainnet cannot be streamed: This is because Superfluid does not support Ethereum

  2. The liquidity buffer may have different amounts on different chains: Sometimes, one buffer may be filled and meet all withdrawals but others may be empty. However, these are automatically refilled by the DAO.

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