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🔐 Exporting your private key

Exporting your Mobile app wallet from your app into Metamask - FOR EXPERTS ONLY
For those who don’t already have a non-custodial wallet, is a great option and once you have completed the registration process, go to your profile section.
At the bottom, you should see a red button: View private key.
It is red because anyone who has access to your private key can transfer your funds out of your wallet so you definitely want to handle you private key with care.
You can then click “show private key” and you will be prompted to login as a last security check.
You can then go to your browser (Chrome/Brave/Firefox/Edge) and download Metamask:
Once you have launched Metamask, click on Create wallet and once the process is complete, launch metamask, click on the bubble top right then Import account towards the end of the menu.
You can then enter the private key that you have copied from the previous step we did in the mobile app.
After you click Import, the account should now be visible in Metamask.
Note that your private key is EXTREMELY sensitive, it should NEVER be shared with anyone, sent over email or stored as a text file on your computer.
To find out more about the web app follow this link