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📱 Mobile App releases

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Customer journey updates: Release 1.8.2 w/c Monday 26th September


Our mobile-app has just undergone a big customer journey overhaul! 🙌
This marks the 1st set of changes since our August customer research. So now, 1st time customers can find out a bit more about Alluo when signing up and it’s also clearer to interact with the app for all users.
🗺️ Better copy:
The team has gone through every page in the app to improve the copy; removing jargon and adding explanatory links and tool-tips. 🤓
🤝 More information about Alluo:
We’ve also added some additional screens for 1st time users to explain a bit more about who we are and what we do. Throughout the journey there are now more links and copy to explain more complex terms and we’ve added more questions to our intercom FAQ. 👌
For full details check out our medium post or take a look at the mobile app and let us know what you think 🙌