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💻 Web App releases

💡 This is where you can find out all about the latest about what’s new in our [web-app]( For mobile app releases click here

New Product Tour Monday 17th October

We've introduced Product Tours to our Web app 🙌. The 1st one explains the basics and will run every time a new customer lands on the site.
We'll be creating more to introduce our more complex features over the coming weeks and months.
Here's a short video showing the 1st Product Tour.
Product tour overview

UI & Gnosis Release: Monday 26th September


Our web-app just keeps getting better! ✌️
It's now easier to navigate around our Polygon and Mainnet farms. And we’ve integrated with @Safe.
🗺️ Better navigation:
You can now filter our farms by token type 🪙 and blockchain⛓️. Plus you can also choose to only view the farms you’ve already invested in (Your Farms).
🤝 More connections:
It’s also really exciting to have integrated with gnosis safe. You can now access Alluo directly from and also use your safe to interact with our app.
Full details check out our medium post or take a look at and let us know what you think 🙌